Bed-Push A Great Success!

Submitted by lee on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 23:36

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The bed-push was an amazing feat -- unbelievable -- we lost a wheel about half way there... and then another... and then another.. until we were down to ONE WHEEL! So people CARRIED the bed, in the grueling heat, all the way to downtown. INCREDIBLE!!!

At one point someone ran to the skatepark to try and recruit a skateboarder to donate his board to helping move the bed. The kid who volunteered thought he was helping push a sick patient, but when learning what was happening was very excited. Turns out he was a psychiatric survivor himself, and so not only did he become our tech-guy running the PA system--- but he also spokeout during the speakout!

All sorts of hand-outs and flyers were distributed, including to the press!!! Many speakers---some who are Freedom Center veterans and some who had never heard of the Freedom Center until today. The speak-out went until 5 pm! There was fabulous chanting, signs, drumming, poetry, harmonica playing from a street person who joined in. There was song, personal stories, and the Service Net List of abuses was read, by a rotating group of people. The PA system was terrific -- and our powerful voices were heard all over town.