Contact the Recovery Learning Community for Info On Acupuncture Clinics -

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/21/2009 - 03:38

Note - after many years of Freedom Center offering free acupuncture weekly, these services are now being organized by the Recovery Learning Community in Holyoke - contact them for more info!

Ear acupuncture is a safe, simple, effective treatment that is used in clinics and treatment centers around the world. It is effective for addiction, cravings, detoxification, insomnia, stress, depression, and trauma. It is said to provide a 'drug-free high' that produces a deep sense of relaxation and promotes healing and recovery. It is also helpful for withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.

These are free, anonymous, drop-in, clinics. No questions are asked about why you are there and intake paperwork is optional. Everyone is welcome.

You can just show up the day of the clinic: 4:30 in Northampton, To learn more about freedom center see our website at, email acupuncture(at)freedom-center(dot) org, or contact lee(at)

Download the general acupuncture information brochure about the clinics.

Check out the Gazette article about our acupuncture clinic.

Read about the NADA ear point detox protocol (focuses on drug addiction treatment -- the protocol is effective for more far reaching conditions as well).

***We made this free so people of all incomes and economic situations can attend, but for those who can afford to, donations at the clinic would greatly help sustain the program.***