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Lee Hurter's Hampshire Thesis On Freedom Center

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Longtime organizer Lee Hurter wrote her Hampshire College thesis on Freedom Center, including interviews with several Freedom Center organizers. Download and read the thesis at the link below.

12 Shades Of Snow

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12 Shades of Snow

By Anne Onimous



I Dreamed A Dream That Was Bestowed

By Higher Beings In The Know

I Dreamed A Dream I Thought Was Fake

Until The Moment I Awake

My Sleep Drenched Eyes Gaze 'Pon This Place

As Pillows Nestle To My Face

My First Thought Of The New Day Springs

What Is Rainbow's End To Bring?



Like Sun O'Er Meadows Alone I Rise

And Float To Mirror's Familiar Eyes

A Glint Appears, A Light Turned On

A Day On Which To Shine Upon

I Twist A Loop Within My Hair

For Mirrror Knows Who Is Most Fair

Alternatives Conference Portland Oregon2006: Will Hall Trauma, Wildness, and Body Awareness

Drawing on Peter Levine, Hakomi, and Process-oriented psychology, Will Hall presents a short introduction to a body-oriented approach to healing emotional trauma. Also check out the attached trauma handout, below.

Freedom Center Audio 12-05: Arlene & Jean-Claude Audergon Process Work Psychology

Based In London, Arlene Audergon and Jean-Claude Audergons' Process Work approach, a spiritual and psychotherapeutic method developed by Jungian analyst and MIT-trained physicist Arnold Mindell, addresses extreme states and psychosis, addiction, conflict resolution, organizational development, creativity, dreams, and other human problems. This interview is an overview of Process Work with madness and psychiatric symptoms, including community work in mental facilities, and includes discussion on psych medication, suicide, and addiction. Check out and