The Freedom Center's Peer Support Group

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Right now a small group of core organizers intends to offer more support groups in Northampton in the future. We don't have the resources at the moment to make this viable, and so we are focusing on resources and networking at the moment and hope to offer a monthly support group when all the preparations are in place . Please be in touch if you are interested in Freedom Center community events, volunteering, or otherwise helping.

Healing Homes Film w/Daniel Mackler Premieres in March; Multiple Showings!

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Healing Homes Film Premiere:
The Alternative Perspectives Film Series will kick off its Spring season with the world premiere of Daniel Macklers Healing Homes.  The film chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The organization, backed by over twenty years of experience, places people who have struggled within the traditional system with host families -- predominately farm families in the Swedish countryside -- as a start for a whole new life journey. 

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Alternatives to Suicide: Community Forums March 3+10

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Alternatives to Suicide: Community Forums March 3+10

In 2010, the RLC piloted the Alternatives to Suicide group beginning in Northampton.  Funded with the support of Tapestry Health, it is one of the first peer-lead support groups in the country to address the issue of suicide. 

Based on the success of this first group (which has also presented at a statewide Suicide Prevention conference), we have been expanding including a group in Holyoke and soon to also include Greenfield.

To help the groups grow with the community, our Holyoke facilitators, Gretchen and Gineen will be hosting two community forums. Co-sponsored by the RLC and Freedom Center.

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Starting Hearing Voices Groups Training at RLC

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Recovery Learning Community is sponsoring a "Starting Hearing Voices Groups" training with Oryx Cohen, Gail Hornstein, Ron Coleman (UK Hearing Voices Network) and Paul Baker (UK Hearing Voices Network). This is a great opportunity to learn about how to create a hearing voices group in your area and become a hearing voices group facilitator.

Dates for the training are November 12th & 19th and December 3rd & 10th. Download the training application here. For more info, contact


Oryx Cohen

Recovery Learning Community

187 High St., Suite 303

Holyoke, MA 01040

Fax: 413-536-5466 (attn: Oryx)


Contact the Recovery Learning Community for Info On Acupuncture Clinics -

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Note - after many years of Freedom Center offering free acupuncture weekly, these services are now being organized by the Recovery Learning Community in Holyoke - contact them for more info!

Facilitation Training Weds Aug 29 at RLC in Holyoke

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/13/2007 - 12:37

Date and time confirmed...

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Contact Recovery Learning Community for Area Support Groups Information

Submitted by jiro on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 20:41

Note that offering free support groups for many years in Northampton, these services are now being offered by the peer run Recovery Learning Community in Holyoke. The Freedom Center community sometimes also organizes groups and meetings depending on local interest, so check the Freedom Center homepage for updates. THANKS!

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Spa Night Fundraiser

Submitted by lee on Wed, 09/02/2009 - 17:25

The Freedom Center along with Arise for Social Justice and Outnow of Springfield is co-sponsoring a SPA NIGHT!!

Come get massage, acupuncture, or reiki for the revolution!

Relax, rejuvinate and support revolutionaries!!

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Gail Hornstein At Holyoke Library May 20th

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Gail Hornstein talks about her new book
Agnes's Jacket: A Psychologist's Search for the Meanings of Madness

next Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 6.30pm at the
Holyoke Public Library Community Room, Holyoke, MA

Free and Open to the Public, all welcome

Parking  behind library on Chestnut Street
Use entrance from Parking Lot & elevator to 2nd floor
For information: 413-532-2081

Listen to radio interviews with Gail here.

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Hearing Voices Groups In the Western MA Area

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Freedom Center helped start Hearing Voices groups in the Western Massachusetts area and beyond - to find out more information, contact the Recovery Learning Community, which is actively involved with organizing Hearing Voices groups in the area. Thanks!


Hearing Voices groups are popular and fairly widespread in Europe, specially England. Hearing Voices groups do not pathologize the experience of hearing voices or experiencing other altered states, instead they ask the voice hearer: What do the voices mean to you? Join us for the first Hearing Voices group east of Wisconsin and share and get support from others with similar experiences! *Co-sponsored by the Center for Human
Development, RLC and the Freedom Center

Gail Hornstein's Book Featuring Freedom Center, at Odyssey Bookshop March 26 7 pm

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Congratulations Gail!


Agnes’s Jacket
A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness
Gail A. Hornstein


Contact Recovery Learning Community for Area Groups Information

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Please note; After Freedom Center offering free weekly yoga classes for many years, similar services are now being organizing by the Recovery Learning Community; contact them to find out more. Thanks!

yoga class
We have free weekly yoga classes in downtown Northampton!


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Join The Community Power Kickoff - DATE CHANGE March 28th

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Freedom Center organizer Caty Simon is attending the Community Activation Network's Community Power Kickoff to represent us and would like other Freedom Center members & people interested in the mad movement to join her. The event is on DATE CHANGE March 28th at Hampshire College. 12-6PM--you'll be
directed by signs as soon as you get there showing you specifically where to go.

Here's a quick summary of the event.

Past Freedom Center Events Archive

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These are older events. For more recent past events, check our Past Events page here.


Drugging Our Distress?
A Broader Look At Medication and Mental Illness

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Get Involved With Our Spring Speakout w/ Leah Harris!

Submitted by caty on Fri, 01/23/2009 - 11:38

Freedom Center is organizing a spring Speak Out and we want your help! Join slam poet and mental health activist Leah Harris from DC, Caty Simon, Lee Hurter and others. We need speakers and volunteers for this upcoming event -- get in touch with caty(at)freedom-center(dot)org.


Party September 20th! FC Lucky Seven 'PsychoSocial' Anniversary

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Freedom Center is seven years old!

To celebrate our birthday, and the honor of being recognized by Forbes,  Freedom Center will host a special event to screen the video at its "Lucky 7 Psychosocial" party on

September 20th at 6 pm

World War II Club

50 Conz St., Northampton, MA.


Author Bruce Levine on Surviving America's Depression Epidemic Tues, March 25 7pm

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Press Release
Contact: Erika Arthur 413/ 253-5432

** <>

Are You *Surviving America's Depression Epidemic*?

*Author Bruce Levine to Present at Food for Thought Books*
AMHERST – Author Bruce Levine will present and read from his new book,
*Surviving America's Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy* at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 25 at Food for Thought Books in Amherst.

Coming Off Meds at Broadside Tues Feb 5 With Will Hall

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 17:34
Please forward

Tues February 5th

Broadside Bookshop 247 Main St Northampton MA

Discussion with Will Hall, author of the new

*Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs*

Acupuncture CANCELLED this Monday, 1/14/08

Submitted by heather on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 01:42
Acupuncture CANCELLED this Monday, 1/14/08






Acupuncture will be cancelled this week, 1/14/08. Please join us next week!

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Acupuncture Open House Sat. Oct 27th

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GATE OF LIFE ACUPUNCTURE Warmly invites you to attend an OPEN HOUSE with Barbara Weinberg, Lic., Ac, RN

Wed, October 3rd, 6:30 arrival, 7-9pm: Presentation or Sat, October 27th, 3:30 arrival, 4-6pm: Presentation

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Writing group

Submitted by chaya on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 14:27
The new writing group is 2-3 on Wednesdays. At >> Windhorse Associates: 211 North Street, in Northampton >> (Market St turns into North St.) >> >> Our first meeting will be this Wednesday and all are >> welcome but the group limit is 10, so it is first come >> first serve. If you email me, I will reserve you a >> space. >> >> This group is sponsored by Freedom Center, the RLC, >> and Windhorse. I will be leading it with Dave Stark, >> a hilarious and witty writer. >> >> Please feel free to bring some writing to work on and >> share-specifically memoir, non fiction and poetry. But bring anything >> you want to share, even if it is in >> another category. >> >> At the first session, everyone's requests and ideas
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