Will Hall Speakout

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From the Forbes.com website philanthropic focus on Freedom Center, August 2008:


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David Lazarus Speakout

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Born in 1950 the only child of a military man, i grew up in an abusive & compulsively ordered family universe in which there was only one right way to do anything. My father was prone to unpredictable fits of rage & sulking, & a cloud of gloom often hung over the house, increasingly so as i got into adolescence & really began to have a mind of my own.

To escape the rage & rejection i withdrew into my own world of fantasy, nature, & books, often experiencing ecstatic experiences by all these means.

Being highly sensitive, i hated the authoritarian, overcrowded, sports-worshipping ethos of high school, but a did always have a friend or 3 along the way.
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Anne Woodlen Speakout

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“Mindfulness, the capacity to be here, to witness deeply everything that happens in the present moment, is the beginning of enlightenment.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

“You must make the unjust visible.” –Gandhi

The Un-drugging of Annie Part One

It is a large, square, clear plastic Rubbermaid container with a blue-rimmed lid, and it is full of pills. Red pills, brown pills, white pills. Capsules and packed powder. Round and oval. Large, medium and small. Gray pills, yellow pills, blue pills. Half a gallon of pills.

I take it to Dr. Ghaly, the psychiatrist and acupuncturist, and he looks aghast. “What is this?” he cries. “What is this?”
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Freedom Center Audio 11-06: David Burns: Freedom Center Origins, Inner Work, Howard Hughes Syndrome

Freedom Center founding member and organizer David Burns discusses the early days of Freedom Center, when he worked as a "secret agent" on the streets and in a Northampton mental health residence, collecting information on psychiatric abuse for Freedom Center's human rights activist campaign. Dave also describes his life and experiences labeled "obsessive-compulsive disorder" from a spiritual and creative viewpoint, including the "inner work" he does.