Want to Volunteer?

Submitted by heather on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 10:30
If you would like to volunteer with Freedom Center, here are a few suggestions that would make a big difference!

Donate a service, such as a chair massage, a homeopathy session, a haircut etc
Ask about giving a holisitc health presentation at a group meeting
Donate old computers, not broken please
Donate items you might be thinking about putting in a yard sale, such as kitchen
appliances, tools, books, backpacks and clothes
Put together a box of nonperishable foods
Print out flyers under the resource section and post them around town
Come to an acupuncture or yoga session and meet our members
Help us sustain our free services by giving a monetary donation

You may send donations to:
Freedom Center
PO Box 623
Northampton, MA 01062

If you have any questions please call our toll free number: 877-677-6424

Thank you!
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